Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Yarn and projects

Jayne Hat
The yarn came in from and all of it was lovely! I also hit Loopy Yarns (a LYS) and took advantage of their January 40% 0ff sale and got a bunch of great yarn, including some yarn to be used to make a couple of Jayne hats for the annual Can't Stop the Serenity Charity screening we have started to host. I've already made one so far and I used much less yarn than I thought I would so I think I can make at least 2 more.

My Boring Hat
I've also made a few other things yet still haven't finished T's gloves! I made my sister a blue My Boring Hat, which she loves and I made another Grrr washcloth in red and gave it to another friend. I named it Jubal Early.

Grrr - Jubal Early version
My SIL is knocked up, and coincidentally, I had picked up some cotton yarn in pastel colors, so I've started a simple baby kimono for the baby (pattern found on Ravlery). I have a lot of time to make it, but it's really the easiest to knit while on the train while on my to and from work.

I'm planning on making some pirate mittens for a friend and I have a couple of different yarns to make socks with (although they scare me a bit since the recipes call for size 2US and 3US needles!

I still have a bunch of yarn I really don't know what to do with - yet.

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