Friday, August 7, 2009

Ravelry members rock!

Can't believe I'm almost done with the Leaf Lace Shawl I started back in April. I've been working on it during my commute to and from work - not every single day - but quite often. I can do about 3 to 4 rows each way of my commute if I start as soon as I get on the bus and I'm up to about 300 stitches per row.

I had even gone so far as to buy the beads for the eding because I thought that I almost done and was going to have enough yarn with the 3 skiens I had in my stash. I finished the 12th repeat of the pattern and started the edging. But, looking at how much yarn was left and seeing that I was going to be knitting about 15 more rows I just knew it wasn't going to be enough.

I was torn. Do I frog back to the 11th repeat and then do the edging? Do I just continue with the edging and and hope the yarn is just enough? I hated the thought of both. Undoing those 10 rows that took me about 2 to 3 hours worth of time to knit would take forever - frogging back would probably take at least an hour so that I could make sure I didn't screw up because of all the yarn overs and knit2 togethers. If I continued to knit and then turned out I didn't have enough for the edging, I would probably start crying like a baby since that would be about 3 to 4 hours worth of work.

Then, I thought, I'll check on I'll see if anyone happens to have the same yarn in the same colorway and ask if they are willing to part with one skein. Then I'd have enough to do the 13th repeat and the edging.

So, that's what I did. I checked and it turned out only 3 people on Ravelry had the same exact colorway. Each person had only about 1 skien each. So I private messaged them right away asking if they were willing to sell me their yarn. As I was writing the 3rd message, I got a response from one person saying they were willing to sell it. Awesome! And what's even better? Their asking price was completely reasonable! They were heading out to a knitting event so they told me that if I paid right away they would drop it in the mail that evening. Woo! Needless to say, I paid immediately and now have the yarn in my hands.

Ravelry members rock big time.

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