Monday, August 4, 2008

Still knitting along...

I'm still knitting! I thought maybe I would stop, that it would be another fad. After all, I knit a whole bunch a long time ago and the stopped... But I think I have learned a whole lot more this time around: the fact that I knit "combined" which is why my decreases were not coming out the way they should have and various techniques like how to knit in the round, Magic Loop and some different cast-ons and bind-offs. I knit my first pair of socks. So I'm a lot more conscious of the various elements of knitting.

There are so many resources on the web, it's incredible!

Baby Kimono
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Lately, I seemed to be stuck on repeat. I knit 5 Jayne hats for our Can't Stop the Serenity screening here in Chicago and they were well received, which was gratifying. I also made about 9 miniature Jayne hats with pins on the back. Those all sold, albeit slowly, but by the end of the night they were all gone.

o, I have finally been able to get back to my regular stuff. I started a baby kimono back in January in anticipation of my new niece, who should be arriving in September. I just about finished it. Just need to add on the ties. I also knit some matching baby booties and those just need for me to sew on the buttons and button loop. I knit them in the round per a helpful mod pattern and knit with Mary Jane straps according to another pattern mod.

Pattern Links:
Saartje's Bootees (Look for the link on the right-hand side of her blog.)
Sachiko Kimono Sweater

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