Monday, October 19, 2009

Double Knitting

Although I did get a good start on a pair of socks during my trip, I got bored and decided to make a hat.

I'm done with that now too and, because of a conversation with a friend, have revisted the mysterious Double Knitting I'd seen a couple of patterns of.

Double Knitting is when you knit a two-sided item. Each side looks stitch knit, but it's not a tube. It's the way you alternate knitting/purling that creates this awesome effect.

So, now I want to make a scarf - there seem to be very few patterns out there though. I found a Space Invaders one and a Peace sign one. I also found a nice Dr. Who chart (tardis, daleks). But, I'm finding that I'm not that enthusiastic about those designs. I might have to chart my own design - and I have no idea what that would even be yet.

I have to practice a little to make sure I understand it, but it seems fairly simple and straightforward.

Or damn. I guess I should really finish my bff's gloves - they've been languishing with just the fingers from one hand missing - for 2 years. doh!

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