Sunday, December 30, 2007


Isn't this washcloth fucking adorable?!

I found it while looking through patterns on Ravlery 'cause I had been to Walmart and bought a bunch of worsted weight cotton yarn. The skiens were only $1.27 each so i couldn't pass it up and figured I could make something out of them. I figured maybe I could make a couple of toys. I searched around Ravelry via the knifly yarn search engine to see what other people were using similar yarn for and found that the majority seem to be making dishcloths and washcloths. Grrr was so adorable that I had to make one.

I made this other dishcloth (or washcloth - I haven't decided what to use it for) by just knitting up a square using a knit/purl stitch pattern from a sock book. I actually made this one before I made Grrr. I really love the way the color striped.

Now, I'm making the Ballband discloth (or washcloth) and then I'm going to make another Grrr. He'll be red this time and I'll name him Jubal Early.


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