Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Hat with ear flaps

I founds some awesome bulky yarn on clearance for 99 cents a skien (regularly $7.00!) and I liked it for a hat for myself. Finally I was going to do something I would keep!

I searched around and found this pattern. I decided to make it but without the stranding pattern since the multi colored yarn I bought didn't seem like it would lend itself to showing off a nice pattern.

I ended up reducing the amount of stitches in the hat because it was huge on me, and I'm pretty happy about the way it turned out.

The only problem I had was the whole casting on with the earflaps on the needle. The pattern didn't explain how to cast onto my right needle after having knitted the earflap stitches onto my needle. I finally figured out that I had to do a backward loop cast on, so it all worked out but I was pretty frustrated there for a while until then.

I also ended up moving the earflaps a little closer toward the back so that they would center on my ears. I did that 'cause of a tip I read on Ravelry and it worked out a much better fit.

Now, I'm trying to decide what kind of cord I want. I think I'm going to attach and knit a couple of 3 stitch i-cords long enough to tie them together under my chin.

Pattern: Nordic Earflap Hat
Yarn: Yarn Been Mosaic Twist, Color: Tangy Clay
Needles: #9US circular and dpns

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