Thursday, December 27, 2007

Yarn, yarn, yarn!

I've been wanting to buy yarn that is not acrylic or an acrylic blend to make some gloves and/or socks with some kind of stranding design. I've seen a few on that I like a lot but they called for either dk, sport or sock yarn.

Now, I'm not sure how well I'll like knitting with teeny tiny needles (read: anything under size 5). I am so impatient and feel like knitting with those skinny needles will take forever! I didn't want to spend a lot of money on some thinner yarn in case I didn't like working with it. I would hate to have spent $15 for a hank of yarn that would end up sitting around. I decided I would check out online sellers because the local yarn stores (LYS) would probably not have much of a discount, if any. And, while I'm all for supporting local businesses, I still didn't want spend too much on something I may not like working with.

Coincidentally, a friend gave me a knitting book for my birthday, and inside there was a coupon for free shipping from so I decided to check out the site. They have a yearly clearance sale going on right now and I found some 100% wool dk weight yarn on clearance for only $1.49 a skein! There was another multi-colored sock yarn that I really liked that was only about $2.99 a skein, but by the time I ordered today it was all gone! *sigh*

So, I'm waiting for my stash of yarn to arrive soon and then I think I'll try to make the "We Call Them Pirates" hat... or maybe something else.

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